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John Mazza Menhart

John Mazza Menhart | Using Sports to Sell Houses


John Mazza MenhartJohn Mazza Menhart graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Communication Studies, which he leveraged briefly in the financial services sector before joining a real estate agency, where he is working toward becoming a real estate agent. He has a passion for being part of a stellar team that helps people fulfill their dream of finding a home that is the perfect fit for them.




John Mazza Menhart uses the same skills he developed on the high school and college sports fields to deliver excellent services to his clients. After all, aren’t there a great many similarities between helping people find their dream homes and excelling at a team sport? Excelling at a team sport takes sacrifice and leadership. As a high school letterman and a midfield lacrosse player at his university, Mr. Menhart learned that a person must be willing to go the extra mile in order to help his team reach its goals. A person must strive to give all he or she has in order to do well. The same principle applies to selling houses and providing excellent service to clients.


John Mazza Menhart also has the perception and receptivity to sense exactly what another person needs. As a football player, this perceptiveness helped him know exactly how to respond to his teammates in order to execute the perfect play. A real estate agent profits from this perspicacity as well when he or she helps match prospective homebuyers with their dream home.


Sports are often referred to as “character building” in the sense that they help a person become a better citizen and a more helpful, generous member of society. In the case of John Mazza Menhart, this assessment has proven to be true.


John Mazza Menhart happened to juggle several fields before settling and making a career in the real estate industry. He graduated from University of West Virginia securing a degree in Communication studies. He implemented those skills in the financial services industry before venturing into real estate. He has a passion to sell perfect homes to individuals, and fulfill their dream of getting the right home. John is a team player and utilizes the basic skills, which he learnt in school and college sports team. He and his team hold different management consulting profiles, over various networks. He believes that selling the right home is a team sport, which involves sacrifice and leadership. His LinkedIn Bios reveals that he was a part of the lacrosse team in high school. He has learnt from his experience that a person should be ready to assist his team members by walking an extra mile, if necessary.


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